”People ready to be healthy are those who are able to accept life as it is. We all strive to improve ourselves; but optimal health comes from the completeness of body and mind. Ideal health must include both physical and mental/emotional well-being.

Positive changes can be achieved if we are willing to improve our eating habits and mindset. This concept applies regardless of the current established medical practices.” Naturopathic Encyclopaedia

Welcome to you all 🙂

Together we will embark on the path to improved well being in order to live and enjoy a vivid and energetic life again.
I have been struggling for many years with similar challenges, I have overcome these difficulties and now my goal is to share my successes with others who are in the same situation. The point is to offer a different approach based on my own experiences. More than 5000 of you read my blog in Hungarian.
This would indicate that this is a serious issue in our society today.
I am delighted that I am able to share my own story with you.

The healing process takes into consideration the strong correlation between food intolerances, metabolic issues and hormonal problems.
If you are looking for effective solutions or are just simply interested in nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle, then you have come to the right place.

Nutrition is a constantly changing, developing, and exciting area. As a result I train and educate myself accordingly.

It is worth noting that macronutrients include:

 proteins (7 essential amino-acids)

 carbohydrates

 saturated and un-saturated fatty acids

The micronutrients include:

 vitamins

 trace elements

Finally, to better understand the functions of the digestive system is also very important.

What we eat and how we match those foods with each other will determine the appropriate absorption that takes place by the various organs.


In this 2.5 hour interactive workshop we will provide you with easy yet powerful nutrition suggestions and tools to take the health of your body and mind into your own hands. As a result an energetic and vibrant life can be achieved.
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