About me


My name is Laura Florian, I am a certified Functional Nutrition Consultant.
For many years I worked in the corporate world and the hospitality industry.
Both sectors were really stressful and demanding in today’s performance-oriented world.
From professional point of view it was excellent, but as a direct result of the constant pressure, my mental and physical health was seriously affected (like chronic fatigue and multiple metabolic issues).
So my main motivation is to help those who are currently in similar situation and to provide support and effective solutions.

We are capable to restore the balance of the body. We can live a mindful, vivid, and energetic life again.
Determination and persistence will be needed! The amount of time and effort will also depend on you.
There are no magic pills and there is no quick solution, it is an ongoing work and commitment on your part.

The first step we analyze your existing eating habits, then we discuss which changes will be the most beneficial.
During the workshop we focus on holistic nutrition.
It will be interactive and you can be an active participant.

Some of the other topics we will be discussing will include:
Diet, health education/ preservation, food education, mindful eating, super foods and female health, we also focus on the psychosomatic background.
Additional great exercises will be presented as well.
I strongly believe that the 2.5 hour workshop is a useful tool for you.

We eagerly await you.
You don’t have to accept the way things are and we can travel down this path together.

I hope that I could encourage you to take the first step!