Do you want a vibrant and energetic life again?
Do you feel unsure about how to be truly healthy?
Do you find that stress is affecting the choices you make around food?
Do you simply not have enough time to take care of yourself?

In this interactive workshop we will provide you with easy yet powerful tools to take the health of your body and mind into your own hands.
After this 2 and a ½ hour workshop you will understand the beauty and power of your amazing body, be clear on how to make informed health choices for your unique biological make up and have new tools to help you deepen the richness of your life, self confidence and the health of your whole life.

We also have a surprise gastro experience for you…

Some of the main topics we will cover include:

• The essential holistic elements for optimal health
• Food education and the easy to implement elements of a healthy diet
• Understanding how to increase your energy levels, improve memory and mood through gut health
• How common food allergies (diary, gluten) may be effecting the quality of your health
• How stress affects our weight and easy tools to reduce stress in our everyday lives
• The importance and beauty of self-care for a balanced and healthy life
• Powerful tools for breaking old habits and living a life of abundance


a welcome drink and the gastro experience


Min. 5- max. 18 pax

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