With the holiday season over and the kids back in school we finally have some time to start thinking about ourselves.

With the New Year underway, it is a great time for us to stop for a minute, give quality time to ourselves; try a new diet, reset, recharge and detox our body, mind and soul and start to get clear on what we want to achieve this year.

In this powerful 2 and ½ hour interactive workshop you will learn about mindful eating and about the best choices you can make for your body and health goals, how to detox your bodies of foods that drain energy, techniques to free your minds of negative beliefs and dial up the self love.

Essential holistic practices will help you create harmony and balance in your life and finally, how build a clear picture of how you will achieve your goals for your year ahead.



Some of the main topics we will cover include:

  • Food education and the easy to implement elements of a healthy diet –food show
  • Detox techniques, anti inflammatory foods and how sugar is playing havoc with our hormones.
  • Kate’s 4 pillars for developing deep self love and freedom from self doubt
  • How to support your bodies natural healing through the body’s energy centers.
  • Powerful goal setting for your best year yet.


This workshop you will learn how to turn your desires into action and will leave feeling positive, focused and ready to beginning living the way you have always wanted.


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