Whether you are a career woman chasing her dreams, a mum raising a family or maybe both, the demands of your day are high and your to do list is never ending. Where on earth do you possibly find the time to take care of yourself? Let us show you how.
In this 2 and 1/2 hour interactive workshop we will focus on understanding the uniqueness of the female body, how food and lifestyle are wreaking havoc with not only our energy levels but also our hormones and weight, how we can easily begin to create balance and harmony in our bodies and lives, and finally how to reconnect with our own femininity for a truly health life.
This workshop is recommended for all hard working women and busy mums looking to find ease and balance in their every day lives.

Some of the main topics we will cover include:

• The essential holistic elements for the busy working woman
• The key elements of a healthy diet and how to effortlessly implement them – food show
• How to decode nutrient contents- label reading
• How to increase your energy levels, improve memory and mood through gut health – useful recipes
• How food affects our hormones and how to eat for optimal hormone balance
• How stress effects our weight, metabolism and hormones
• How to support your bodies natural healing through self-care
• The importance of balancing masculine and feminine in our busy working lives


Fee: 17.000 Huf (55 Euros), includes a welcome drink, food show, a gastro experience and a goodie bag with essential samples to start your new journey!


Venue:  Budapest

Min. 5- max. 18 pax


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